Terms and Conditions

This consignment is entrusted to Delhivery Pvt Ltd (DPL) for shipment on terms and conditions specified below -

  • The consignor acknowledges that the terms and conditions will be binding on the consignor and DPL.
  • The consignor warrants that he is the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of the goods / articles transported and accepts present terms and conditions.
  • The consignor warrants to DPL that the description of the consignment goods as noted on this consignment note confirms accurately to the actual content thereof and it does not contravene the provisions of the Indian Postal Act of any other law.
  • DPL will use the consignor / consignee information as shared, to update and inform the consignor / consignee through SMS, Whatsapp and/ or email regarding the delivery status of the product and obtain feedback from the consignor / consignee regarding the said service only so as to improve the customer experience with DPL.
  • All shipments are booked by DPL in good faith in respect of the contents thereof. The consignment shall not contain any items or materials which are prohibited or considered contraband by any law. In the event of the shipment containing any items or material as aforesaid, the consignor agrees and undertakes to indemnify DPL in respect of all consequences thereof including for claims made by any third party and / or all losses incurred by DPL in respect of the said item or material.
  • The consignor shall not book any consignment containing any the following nor can DPL knowingly carry any of the following items - highly perishable food items, LEDs, LCDs, plasma, OLED and any kind of television screens, liquid product, livestock, perishables, live plants, flammable items (firecrackers, oil cans, adhesives, paint cans), explosives (arms, ammunition, fireworks, flares, gunpowder, airbag inflators), fire extinguishers, platinum, gold, silver, artificial jewellery, gem, precious, semi-precious metals or stones in any form including bricks, alcohol/tobacco/medicines/drugs/poisonous goods, toxic and infectious items, high capacity batteries such as car batteries, generator batteries, machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries, corrosive items (acids, chemicals), radioactive material, indian postal articles such as stamps and articles like coins, banknotes, currency notes, sodexo or securities of any kind payable to bearer, traveller's cheques, gambling devices,lottery tickets, pornographic material, dry ice used for packaging or temperature control and other items considered contraband under the Indian Postal law. Further, consignor will not hand over any secure documents including but not restricted to passport, Aadhar Cards, bank statements, credit cards, debit cards, bank cheques and / or currency items, passports amongst other documents.DPL is not licensed to carry the above mentioned products/ documents.
  • Pick up Cut off timings: The pick-up requests raised before 1 pm are picked up on the same day, whereas the pick up raised after 1pm are picked up on the next working day of the service.
  • Weight: DPL will refuse / return the shipment to the sender if found that the actual weight of the shipment is more than designated value given during registration. In the cases where the actual weight is less than the designated value, it will be connected for further process. DPL will not be liable for the miscalculation
  • Updates in the address is not possible once the shipment leaves the city of origin whereas a change of contact details is possible if duly communicated to DPL through the support ID or phone number. Consignor to note that changes to the existing relevant details might lead to a delay in delivery timelines basis the new delivery pincode.
  • DPL reserves its right to refuse the booking of any consignment without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • DPL shall have the right to open / inspect the consignment at the time of booking or during transit.
  • Unless and until otherwise specified, the delivery shall be made at the address mentioned in the consignment.
  • The consignor shall be solely responsible for all costs and expenses (GST, excise and other charges leviable by the Central / State / Local governments) and also for all costs consequent to any penalty, action, proceedings in relation to the consignment. The aforesaid costs and charges and all other levies and duties shall be payable by the consignor failing which DPL shall be within its rights to withhold the delivery of the consignment or forfeit the consignment entirely if required.
  • DPL reserves the right to refuse delivery of consignment if proper acknowledgment, such as company seal, signature, etc is not given by the consignee. Further, the address of the consignee shall be given along with the pincode and the telephone number to enable prompt delivery and easy identification.
  • The consignor accepts that the condition that the shipment is to be carried by DPL from the point of booking to the delivery address. For any rerouting / redirection, the consignor shall be liable to pay additional charges as applicable.
  • The consignor has agreed to obtain the services of DPL at the consignor's own risk.
  • While DPL will endeavour to exercise its best efforts to provide expeditious delivery of the consignment in accordance with regular delivery schedules, DPL shall not under any circumstances be liable for delay or for consequences arising out of delay of the said consignment, regardless of the cause for delay.
  • DPL shall not be liable for any delay in pickup, mis-delivery, non-delivery or loss or damage to it caused on account of an act of God, force majeure and or circumstances like strikes, riots, political and other disturbances or accidental fire, accident of vehicle carrying the goods explosions or any other cause reasonably beyond the control of DPL.
  • The consignor should ship only a single package per airway bill number. If the consignor hands over multiple packages against a single airway bill number, DPL will not be liable for losses, damages or delays.
  • At the time of booking parcels, the consignor will be required to provide a declaration stating the value of the consignment and the detailed description of materials in the consignment and the same shall be binding on the consignor.
  • The consignment is usually moved as per the mode of transport selected by the consignor at the time of booking. However, DPL reserves the right to change the mode of transport basis rules and restrictions of delivery. Consignments moved via express mode :
    a) Cannot exceed 5kg in weight
    b) Cannot exceed 50x50x50cm in dimensions
    c) The content of the consignments permitted for express movement are further restricted to not contain the following items. If these items are found in the consignments booked for Express movement, the items might be forfeited or moved via Surface without pre-notification.
    Dangerous Products
    • Oil-based paint and thinners (flammable liquids)
    • Industrial solvents
    • Insecticides, garden chemicals (fertilizers, poisons)
    • Lithium batteries
    • Magnetized materials
    • Machinery (chain saws, outboard engines containing fuel or that have contained fuel)
    • Fuel for camp stoves, lanterns, torches or heating elements
    • Automobile batteries
    • Infectious substances
    • Any compound, liquid or gas that has toxic characteristics
    • Bleach
    • Flammable adhesives
    • Arms and ammunition
    • Dry ice (Carbon Dioxide, Solid)
    • Any other material suspected potential dangerous for movement by air
    Restricted Items
    • Precious stones, gems and jewellery
    • Uncrossed (bearer) drafts / cheques, currency and coins
    • Poison
    • Firearms, explosives and military equipment.
    • Hazardous and radioactive material
    • Foodstuff and liquor
    • Any pornographic material
    • Hazardous chemical item
    • Any other item deemed unfit for air movement
  • Any claim (including for loss or damage) in respect of the consignment shall be made in writing within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt and sent to In the case of damaged shipments, the consignor and / or consignee needs to share 3 photos of the shipment along with the description of the damage. In absence of any such claims, made within the period stipulated here, DPL shall not be liable for the same.
  • When claiming for refund against a loss or damage, the consignor must verify his / her identity as the original sender of the parcel. DPL may ask for relevant information to identify credibility in this case. In case credibility is not established by DPL, the refund will not be processed.
  • The Consignor declares that he has packaged the consignment as per packaging guidelines mentioned below. The Consignor undertakes entire responsibility in case of any damage to the goods due to faulty packaging and shall not make any claim, whatsoever, against DPL. In case of damage caused to a shipment due to poor packaging, DPL will not be liable for compensation. Product Weight slabs Packaging
    1 Wedding invites, 1BOOK, 5DVDs, Aux cable, Headphones, PF Transfer Paper 0-250gm Flyer
    2 Books, Reading Glasses with standard case, 1 Power Bank in box, Bluetooth speaker with box, 1 mobile/laptop charger, External hard disk drive, 1Diary + greeting card, wi-fi router with box packaging, 2 t-shirts 250-500gm Flyer
    3 4-5 T-shirts, Toddlers Jacket, Toddlers Shoe box 500g - 1kg Box (3ply) (300*230*65)
    4 Adult Shoes box, Jacket, Cooker, Decor items, Hand bag, Electronic item, Clothes, Laptop with box, multiple apparels 1-3 kg Box (5ply) (365*265*140)
    5 Boots, Jacket, Cooker, Decor items, Hand bag, Electronic item, Clothes, Cooker/Induction cooker 3-5 kg Box (5ply) (500*300*150)

    Things to be taken into consideration while packing are as follows:
    1) Measure the dimension of the product to select appropriate size box/flyer.
    2) Weigh the item to select the strength of the box/flyer required.
    3) Wrap the product with 2 layers of bubble wrap before putting inside the box/flyer.
    4) If packing multiple products, pack individual product in bubble wrap.
    5) Place the goods inside the box and check if any void space is left inside the box.
    6) In case any void space, it must be filled with filler material like air cushions/air pouches/crumbled paper/cardboard inserts (used as dividers for packing multiple products) to restrict the movement of the product packed inside the box.
    7) Make sure the product is surrounded with the filler material around it with product being placed in the centre of the box.
    8) After closing the flaps of the box, apply H - taping on box by sealing centre and edge seams of the box.
    9) Customer must shake the box to check whether the product packed inside is moving or not. If it is moving, then add more filler material to restrict its movement inside the box. 10) In case of box, paste/tape the label on the seamless flat surface of the box. It should not be pasted on the edges or seams.
    11) In case of flyers, the label should be enclosed in the pocket such that it is clearly visible and tape it properly.
  • In case of damage caused to a shipment due to poor packaging, DPL will not be liable for compensation.
  • In any event, DPL shall not be liable for consequential or special damages or indirect losses due to loss or damage to the consignment or due to delay in delivery, mis-delivery, non-delivery of consignment for any reason whatsoever. More particularly, DPL shall not be liable for any loss of income, profits, interests and other consequential losses.
  • In the event of a failed pickup, the entire logistics charge / booking amount shall be refunded to the consignor within 15 working days.
  • In the event of non-delivery of a shipment, the consignor can opt for the shipment to be returned. DPL reserves the right to charge the consignor for this reverse movement. For the same, the return address is set as the same address registered as sender's address at the time of booking.
  • Liability - Without prejudice to any term contained hereinabove, it is expressly agreed that the liability of DPL for any loss or damage to the consignment or for any loss or damage in delivery, mis-delivery, non-delivery of consignment under this consignment note is limited to the logistics charge collected minimum of without regard to the actual value of consignment or to its commercial utility or to its special value to the consignor calculated as follows -
    The maximum liability of DPL = Logistics charge + (Declared value of goods Or Rs.2000 - whichever is lower)
    Reverse liability - In the event of mis-declaration of the product where the product causes damage to itself or any other related goods while under carriage, the consumer shall be liable for any damages related to the product including consequential damages.
    Void liability - In the event of mis-declaration of the product, DPL shall not be liable for either the Logistics charge nor the declared value of goods nor the mis-shipment penalty of Rs. 2000
    Refund period -All claims and refunds shall be resolved within 30 - 45 days from the day the claim has been raised. The decision of DPL with respect to the refund subject to the above process will be final
    A refund request in light of the above liability will be processed after DPL :
    a) Ascertains the identity of the sender of the shipment and the person requesting refund
    b) Ascertains that the packaging material used by the sender has not caused or inflicted the damage to the concerned shipment.
  • Insurance - The Consignor hereby undertakes and agrees that, should he/she so desire, he/she shall insure the shipment from point of origin to point of final destination at his/her own cost. DPL shall not be liable for insuring the shipment.
  • Arbitration - All disputes, differences, claims or questions between DPL and consignor or anybody claiming through consignor shall be referred to arbitration to be held in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 or statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force and that two arbitrators shall be appointed one by each party and the said two arbitrators shall by their mutual consignment appoint a third arbitrator. The arbitration proceedings shall be held and conducted in Delhi. The award of the arbitrator shall be final, compulsive and binding upon the parties.
  • Subject to the provisions of arbitration clause hereinabove the courts in Delhi shall have the executive jurisdiction to deal with all disputes and matters regarding performance or non-performance of obligations under or in respect of transaction covered by this consignment.